Help them run with shoes !

During the previous edition, many of you participated in this operation and more than 500 pairs of shoes were gathered

This year again ADEM, in its will to multiply actions of sports cooperation and international solidarity had decided to renew the collection of used shoes (but still in good condition) for young athletes in a track and field club in Mayotte.

You can give your collected shoes during the Decastar 2018 edition, the 15th and 16th September at the stadium entrance.

Who knows, your shoes may go to a future athletic hero ?

History of this action :

It all started with Hélène, former assistant of our organization, who moved to Mayotte. She decided to leave the continent to share her track and field passion through the ocean. This is how she created an athletic club in Mayotte, where she works hard every day.


However, it’s far from the postcard images and idyllic landscapes that she is training childrens. The training conditions are not conducive to the practice of athletics. Indeed the poverty of the French department causes an impressive cultural shock, because children are using what they can to train: they use the beach for jumps and throws, the school track for sprints and go into the bush for long distance training.

The biggest problem is that they don’t have the right equipment. Most of them are using flip flops or run barefoot. We can say that on the asphalt or the sand it is not very pleasant, it is even more dangerous: the ankle sprain is not very far when we run with flip flops.