Décastar au patrimoine mondial de l'athlétisme

World Combined Events Tour and Decastar

The Decastar is part of the international combined events circuit of the International Federation of Athletics (WA) called “World Athletics Combined Events Tour”. The circuit includes the men’s decathlon and the women’s heptathlon.

How it works

If it is still necessary to present them, these queen events of Athletics see complete athletes confronting each other, who, over two days, compete in 10 events for the decathlon and 7 for the heptathlon.

In each of these events, the performance achieved by the athletes is converted into points by means of the 1984 International Scoring Table, which assigns a number of points to each performance. During these events, the competitors accumulate these points and the total achieved by each athlete is used to establish the final ranking.

Benchmarks for Performance Scoring – Heptathlon

Decastar Stadium Record
Benchmarks for performance rating – Decathlon
Decastar  Decathlon Stadium Record


heptathlon performance rating


cotation performances decathloDecathlon performance rating