Meeting 2019




22 & 23 june 2019


Plaine des sports de Thouars


Decastar 2019


The world’s best combined event athletes will come to Talence for the 43rd Decastar edition!

Decastar 2019

Useful informations

Selling on site during the week-end (opening of the tickets office 1 hour before the beginning of the competition) and online selling



Free seeting

Discount and group price : saturday (12€), sunday (14€), saturday and sunday (18€)
Full price : saturday (15€), sunday (18€), saturday and sunday (26€)

Discount price (against presentation of appropriate credentials) for the following persons:
Youngsters between 14 and 18 years
French athletics federations member
Talence inhabitants
Job seekers

Free entrance under 14 years old
Group prize: from 4 to 8 tickets


Stade Pierre Paul Bernard
Parc des Sports et des Loisirs de Thouars
Avenue de la Marne
33400 Talence

Car sharing

Need a lift ? The Decastar promotes the use of public transportation and ridesharing among participants, with Covievent.

How to come to the stadium ?

From the train station St jean, by bus to the stadium takes about 40 min. Take bus n°10 towards GRADIGNAN Beausoleil  till the stop “La Paillère” then follow the signs Decastar, a 15 min walk.

Or: Take the bus n°10 towards GRADIGNAN Beausoleil til the stop “Avenue de l’Université”. Then take the bus n°8 towards GRADIGNAN Malartic until the stop “LE DOME” then follow the signs Decastar , a 10 min walk.

From the airport Bordeaux-Merignac: the stadium is 20 min by car.
Take the A630 towards Arcachon/Bayonne/Toulouse till  exit n°16 Talence-Centre/Domaine Universitaire.

From Bordeaux city center: the stadium is  40 minutes by tram; take the tram B towards Pessac Centre until the stop “Doyen Brus”.

By car: exit at the n°16 Talence-Centre/Domaine Universitaire or exit n°17 towards Talence-Thouars.

By bicycle : Guarded parking spot near the public entrance. You can use the  bicycle service “Vcub” from the tram stops Forum, Peixotto or Doyen Brus and drop them off at the stations  “Ecole de Management”, “Le Dome” or “Compostelle”, near the stadium.

You can download all the informations here !


The PRM are welcome at the stadium including persons who need to be accompanied by a dog guide. In this case, particular measures are implemented to allow people with reduced mobility to enjoy the event while respecting the constraints promulgated by the sport authorities.
The access to the stadium for PRM is only made by the avenue of Thouars, (coordinates):
Access zones Décastar 33400 Talence: 44.793819, 0.591931
The disabled persons disk allows you to cross the Police checkpoint and drive up to the Official parking lot.
Two possibilities:
1-the person with reduced mobility drives a car: in this case the 2nd control is going to direct him to a car park close to the stadium (number of places reduces) and will be accompanied for the formalities

2- The person does not drive, the driver, after having deposited the PRM close to the entrance, will have to park in the parking “Officiels” at a reserved place, and then reach the person with reduced mobility to be accompanied to a place in the stadium.
Within the stadium, seats are reserved in a wheelchair accessible gallery. Seats are also available on the edge of the playground facing the arrival of the 100 meters, and places are reserved on a terrace in the partner village. Accompanied or autonomous RMCs (electric armchairs can move freely within the stadium during the contest). The hospitality service will guide the person’s choices.

For access control, it is done, for PMRs, only principal entrance. In order to facilitate implementation, it is desirable to buy the tickets in advance. Tickets are available on the Decastar website. In order to facilitate contacts, a telephone number of the hospitality service will be communicated on the Decastar site in early June.



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