The 14th and 15th of april, in Helsinki, Sebastien BIAU from the college athlete, competed in the Ultra multievents world indoor championships ! This competition belongs to the “ultra multi event” family, who appeared in the 80’s,including several discipline:

  • Icosathlon/Tetradecathlon for men and women in summer, with 20 and 14 events on 2 days
  • Same event in only one day
  • Tetradecathlon (or double heptathlon)/Dodécathlon in winter, 14 and 12 events organized in Helsinki for a while in 2 days

During this week-end, Sebastien competed in 2 events : Icosathlon and the double heptathlon. He finished 3rd in the Icosathlon, moreover he finished first in the double heptathlon he broke the world record with 8478 points.

‘’ Unfortunately this disciplines are kind of hidden because they are very demanding if we want to achieve good performances, but the atmosphere is very healthy and enjoyable ‘’ said Sebastien.

Sebastien won’t stop here, the next steps for him will be: his summer season in France, an Icosathlon in Delft (The Netherlands) at the end of summer, and a 1 hour decathlon in the United Kindom at the end of september.