Faced with the current climate emergency and the impact of human activity on each sporting event, our association ADEM, organizer of the Decastar, has been committed since 2012 in a strong eco-responsible approach with the French National Olympic and Sports Committee.
The numerous actions carried out have enabled us to regularly obtain the label “Sustainable Development, sport is committed”.

For our 2022 meeting, we have been awarded the “bronze” label.

We have decided to reinforce this commitment by signing the charter of “15 eco-responsible commitments for sports event organizers”, which is supported by the Ministry of Sports in collaboration with WWF France.
These actions with the French National Olympic and Sports Committee and the Ministry of Sports require the involvement of all, organizers and volunteers but also athletes, partners and spectators.

For this Decastar, which we want to be as eco-responsible as possible, many actions have been implemented in the areas of food, sustainable mobility, waste reduction and management, our purchases, preservation of the natural environment, accessibility, and the management of our volunteers.

Here are some examples of actions deployed during our meeting on September 17 and 18, 2022:

food: proposal of a vegetarian meal for the volunteers,
mobility: encouraging carpooling, setting up 2 bicycle parking areas, carbon footprint of the meeting,
waste reduction and management: implementation of numerous double entry garbage cans, recyclable and non-recyclable, waste sorting, recycling and recovery of coffee grounds, reusable cups, collection and recycling of used shoes
purchasing: drafting of specifications including environmental requirements,
preservation of the natural area: particular attention to the respect of the site during the installation and removal of the village,
Accessibility: setting up of a team dedicated to people with reduced mobility, 2 specific accesses to the stadium,
management of our volunteers: drafting of a volunteer and eco-volunteer charter, catering, equipment, thank-you evening.

In order to carry out the carbon footprint of the Decastar and to evaluate the perception of our actions, the volunteers of the green team will carry out a survey during these 2 days. Thank you for helping them by giving them a warm welcome.